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How to shop your closet for spring-summer 2017


How to shop your closet for spring-summer 2017


Our spring starts pretty early in Arizona. Usually 1st of March is when we officially call it Spring here when many other States are getting tons of snow. Spring and fall are my two favorite seasons in Arizona since you can truly enjoy the nice weather before the summer heat kicks in. The best part about the spring fashion is you can wear all colorful dresses, shoes and accessories all you want.

Every season that we travel to Milan to place our orders for the upcoming season, we get to see all the next season fashion trends, colors, textures, materials... And this is what was coming for Spring-Summer 2017!

1- Pink & Yellow:  Pink was all over the fashion shows in Milan for Spring-Summer 2017. A lot of pink everywhere! Mostly very pretty bright pink! Yellow was featured just as strong as pink for this spring.






2- Ruffle Day Dress: Whether you are having lunch outside with your girlfriends or simply enjoying a nice weekend out with your hubby, a colorful ruffle day dress is the way to go. I know we have been all seeing ruffles for a while now but I think they are the cutest and no matter how many of them you already own, you can always add few extra ones to your closet.

3- One Shoulder: Off- the shoulder or one-shoulder tops and dresses are still very strong for spring 2017. Especially the ones with abit of arty look into the top.

4- Striped dresses and tops: Specially black and white!

5- Ribbons, ruffles, bows and feather SHOES: The ruffles on shoes (flat, heels and wedges) appeared several times on different shows throughout the Fashion Weeks. Big or small bows and ribbons all around as well. Colorful feather heels as well as flower heels and wedges were strongly featured. These designs were one of biggest shoe trends for spring/ summer 2017.

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